For over 60 years Scic produces great design and style kitchens, always renewing itself and growing collection after collection. From the economic boom models that made Italy go crazy, to the latest series inspired by the glamour and fashion world; originality, great character, refined and elegant aesthetic taste highlighted our production and today fascinate the whole world. Find out more about our kitchen and living furniture proposals.

For further information on Scic’s World, to see the quality of our products and materials first-hand, the see with your own eyes and let the unique style and unmistakable design seduce you; immediately contact the closest Scic store. In this section you will find all the information you need to visit one of our showrooms in the world.

No product can truly call itself a quality one if its production does not involve a clean, clear and serious attitude, towards the workers and the environment, as for the customer. Scic has always payed particular attention to all these aspects, the solar panels utilised for its own production and the type of wood and materials chosen specifically from reforested areas, as well as choosing to become certified Quality System for the protection of workers and customers, proof the environment care the company reserves in its production cycle.

In this section we have collected different materials that can be useful both to those who want more information to proceed with the purchase of a kitchen or furniture for the living Scic as all the major catalogues of our collections; both those who are already our customers and want tips to keep and treat the precious surfaces of their furniture at best or want to start the warranty, which is valid for 10 years!

March 02, 2018

On the occasion of World Water Day, the Labirinto della Masone by Franco Maria Ricci organizes four ...

Scic Italian Kitchens

When tradition, craftsmanship and innovation meet, the real “Made in Italy” comes to life. For over sixty years Scic proposes collections, that are able to fascinate and intrigue its audience, Italians first, the rest of the world secondly, always remaining constant in its values ​​of quality, style, experimentation and study of tradition. A long and rich path, which saw models able to amaze and revolutionize the Italian kitchens market in the 60s, thanks to great success and avant-garde ideas both in terms of production and communication (collaboration between Scic’s founder Renzo Fornari, and the graphic designer and friend, editor and art critic Franco Maria Ricci, which was incredibly prosperous and lucky). Collections of such successful concept, which were able to evolve along the decades still remaining innovative and persuasive, an excellent example is that of the openable shell top, solution of great elegance and design; and nowadays collections of great experimentation and exploration of other areas of Italian excellence, such as tailoring and fashion, but not only, as our highly and world widely appreciated Glamour lines (such as: Bellagio, Diamond and the latest Palatina and Sirmione). A long path, as we have said, that SCIC has not yet gone through: every season we deal with a new challenge, each collection brings new standards to overcome to allow us to always offer modern and contemporary design furniture solutions. Welcome to Scic’s world. For over 60 years, the Kitchens of Italy.