September 06, 2018

SCIC in collaboration with Kirò Desire | Pavilion New | stand 335-358 Scic is pleased to invite ...

Scic Italian Kitchens

When tradition, craftsmanship and innovation meet, the real “Made in Italy” comes to life. For over sixty years Scic proposes collections, that are able to fascinate and intrigue its audience, Italians first, the rest of the world secondly, always remaining constant in its values ​​of quality, style, experimentation and study of tradition. A long and rich path, which saw models able to amaze and revolutionize the Italian kitchens market in the 60s, thanks to great success and avant-garde ideas both in terms of production and communication (collaboration between Scic’s founder Renzo Fornari, and the graphic designer and friend, editor and art critic Franco Maria Ricci, which was incredibly prosperous and lucky). Collections of such successful concept, which were able to evolve along the decades still remaining innovative and persuasive, an excellent example is that of the openable shell top, solution of great elegance and design; and nowadays collections of great experimentation and exploration of other areas of Italian excellence, such as tailoring and fashion, but not only, as our highly and world widely appreciated Glamour lines (such as: Bellagio, Diamond and the latest Palatina and Sirmione). A long path, as we have said, that SCIC has not yet gone through: every season we deal with a new challenge, each collection brings new standards to overcome to allow us to always offer modern and contemporary design furniture solutions. Welcome to Scic’s world. For over 60 years, the Kitchens of Italy.