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The first Scic collection for all the rooms of your house.

Creativity and technology applied to Italian style, this is the inspiration behind Bellagio Home collection. A project that brings the style and beauty of Scic products to all the rooms of the house, through the important values of Scic as innovation, attention to detail, use of modern materials and sophisticated technologies.

Bellagio Home proposes its unique and original style, inspired by the world of fashion and luxury cars, not only for the kitchen but also for the living room, the bedrooms and the bathroom area. A collection featuring numerous modular elements for an original, coherent and linear design. Wardrobes, drawers, living furniture, mirrors, closets and other pieces of furniture as tables, chairs and boiserie. A detailed and refined project that will bring the Made in Italy style in every room of your home.

Living Room

The living room, designed to be a welcoming place for guests as well as an overlook onto the world, is certainly the most striking part of a house as it reveals the style of its inhabitants at first glance. The Bellagio Home collection for this area features furniture and accessories characterized by the original, coordinated and elegant style of Bellagio.


The Bellagio kitchen was born under the sign of Made in Italy, with no compromise as for utmost elegance and originality, in coordination with the other areas of the home, yet bearing in mind functionality and those state-of-the-art technologies that typify this specific environment.


In the most intimate part of your home, the Bellagio style is reproduced throughout accessories, wardrobes and boiseries, with discrete yet refined continuity. Specifically studied for this environment is the lacquered finishing with fabric insert, embellished with crystal knobs.


The bathroom area fully welcomes the matelassé decorations, the precious materials such as stone and marbles, and the lacquered finishes over decorated or smooth shutter doors. The area is completed by mirrors, closets and cabinets full Bellagio Style, for a “vanity space” with an elegant and refined look.