Environmentally quality kitchens

With a 70 thousand square meters solar panel cover we are the pioneers in Italy who first used the sun as unique energy source to produce our kitchens. A power of 5000 kWp and a productivity of 5.600.000 kWh per year, making it possible to save more than 3.000.000 kg of carbon dioxide every year! Every component and cabinet of our kitchens is put together in full compliance with the health and safety work regulations, paying a particular attention to the sustainable environmental laws, using harvested wood in areas controlled by reforestation, always adopting a production process that yields entirely recyclable kitchens. If you are asking yourself how or where to choose a high quality ecological kitchen and eco-friendly furniture, come and meet Scic’s world!


Certified Quality

Thanks to our “Total Qualitypolicy, we have received many prestigious awards and we were among the first companies to be certified in 1998 for compliance with the international standards. The implemented Quality System in all the organizational, productive and service phases was recognized as compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and has obtained the Italian and international Quality Management System certification. A further guarantee for all our customers.



Avant-garde technology

We dedicate great attention to the design and technology development that we apply to our products, which are among the most advanced in terms of technical innovation, materials quality, components, opening mechanisms, and much more.

We collaborate with highly qualified suppliers, experts in the production and research and development in the furniture field: we aim to constantly improve our production to be able to offer always a qualified service worthy of the trust and expectations of our customers.